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Shift, Fight, Survive—Those are the rules of The Ring. Two wolves enter, one wolf leaves. 

My name is Rukiya Moonborn. I am a slave, a werewolf whose master forces me and many others to fight to the death for the entertainment of the wealthy. 

Named 'Dogs' after the lesser beasts, wolves like me live short, violent lives. The masters dangle the illusion of hope in front of us by insisting any wolf who survives 100 fights in The Ring can win his or her freedom.

I am on my eighteenth fight against the West Coast Champion—the biggest she-wolf anyone has ever seen. As if this weren't enough, I find a wolf pup who is destined for slavery as a Dog, and help the child escape the master's clutches—a crime easily punishable by death.

When Ryker—the master's handsome right-hand—catches me in the act, I embark on a journey that will be the ultimate test of my courage and strength.

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