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The aria fae series

Aria Fae is no stranger to danger. She’s super fast and strong, and has supernatural abilities that come along with being half faerie.

In order to help a friend, she disobeyed her superiors and has been kicked out of the secret supernatural organization that has trained her since infancy. Now, Aria is alone in the concrete jungle of Grant City—the human world where she will never quite fit in. 

She’ll soon find that Grant City is full of dangers. Women are disappearing from the streets, and a new drug called Black Magic is turning people into supercharged maniacs.

When she meets Samantha Shy, a young computer genius, the two become fast friends, and decide to combine their abilities to make a kickass vigilante team. That is, if Aria can keep her attention from drifting to her handsome and mysterious neighbor across the hall.

But Grant City is a dark and dangerous place, and the monsters that dwell there are not going to go down without a fight. 

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