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Getting started...


Welcome, Writer! I'm glad you're here. :) 


Since I began self-pubishing at the end of 2011, I've been lucky to meet so many other wordsmiths and new writers, and for years I've been telling myself to get my sh*t together and create a space to direct writers who are interested in writing stories/books and publishing them. Ms. Indie-Pen-Dent is the result of that desire to spread knowledge to my fellow writers.

What I try to do for those who are really interested, is have a conversation, coffee shop-style or over the phone, but I don't always have the time to do that anymore, and I still want to connect and be of help, so here we are!

If you are brand-ass new at this, no worries! (You should probably start with this goal assessment worksheet, to see where to go next.)


Otherwise, welcome to a journey as exciting and interesting as you want it to be, a rabbit hole unlike any other!

Welcome, to the world of self-publishing...!!! *wiggles fingers*

No matter where you are on your self-publishing journey, you might find something here. I've broken it up into three easy categories to get you going, depending on your goals. 

If you just need a little boost, someone to remind you of how capable you are, and a place to find everyday ideas and practices to live a happier, healthier life as a writer, check out the Motivation & Well-being section.

If you're looking for resources about almost ANYTHING to do with self-publishing, check out the Resources section.

Finally, if you just want to sell more books (join the damn club, LOL JK JK) check out the Selling Books section.






Motivation & Well-being

Sometimes we just need a boost, for someone to tell us we got this!

Other times, we just need to know we're not alone.



Resources I have personally vetted & found worthwhile. I'm not being compensated to share what's gathered here. This is just straight-up useful shit.


Selling Books

I'm still learning how to do this, but I do know a few things, and I'm constantly adding them here. 

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