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Sisterhood of Assassins Series



   Some people just need to die.

   Sometimes those people aren’t human. Sometimes they are.

   I don’t ask questions. Questions are against The Code. 

   I get the job done. I take out the Mark. Then I get paid.

   After that, I usually get laid.

   Not a bad life for a half Demon, if you ask me.

   For a Sister, killing comes easy. It’s what we’re trained to do.

   Until it doesn’t come easy. Until we start to question everything we’ve been taught, everything we’ve been forced to learn.

   The Code. Just cling to The Code. Say the words as many times as you must. 

   Your life depends on it.

   I am the night and the shadows. I am the ghost on the wind. I am a maiden of mayhem. I am a Sister of sin.

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