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Books by H. D. Gordon

Academy of Witchcraft:

The Awakening: Book 1

The Summoning: Book 2

Wolf Wars Series:

Moon Burned: Book 1

Moon Broken: Book 2

Moon Born: Book 3

Moon Battle: Book 4


Alexa Montgomery Series

Blood Warrior: Book 1

Half Black Soul: Book 2

The Rise: Book 3

Redemption: Book 4

Aria Fae Series

The Halfling: Book 1

The Masked Maiden: Book 2

The Blue Beast: Book 3

The Haunted Hero: Book 4

The Devil's Deal: Book 5

Blood Pack Trilogy

Moon of Fire: Book 1

Moon of Shadows: Book 2

Moon of Curses: Book 3

Heiress of Magic Trilogy

Born of Magic: Book 1

Thief of Magic: Book 2

Throne of Magic: Book 3

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