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schedule of releases:

  • August 22, 2019: The Awakening (Academy of Witchcraft Book 1)

  • September 12, 2019: Moon Bonded (A Wolf Wars Series Novella)

  • October 28, 2019: The Summoning (Academy of Witchcraft Book 2)

  • December 2019: The Reckoning (Academy of Witchcraft Book 3)


  • Who is Nia Night? Who is H. D. Gordon? Nia and H. D. are the same person writing under different pen names!

  • How many books are in the wolf wars series? 4

  • how many books are in the aria fae series? 5 

  • how many books are in the alexa montgomery series? 4

  • What happened to the surah stormsong novels? The Surah Stormsong novels  underwent heavy edits and a total rebranding. They are currently available under the new series title the Heiress of Magic Trilogy.

  • Are paperbacks available? Yes, there are some paperbacks available of certain titles at the moment, but some titles are not currently available in this format due to updates and cover changes.

  • Does h. d./nia have any appearances scheduled for this year? There are no scheduled appearances for 2019, but feel free to reach out on social media. h.d./nia loves to hear from readers!

  • How can I be kept up-to-date with h.d.'s releases? The easiest way to keep up with h.d. is by joining her mailing list. You can do that here.

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